Necessary Documents

documents Application Form - long term Application Form - short term

Application forms (Prescribed form, 5 pages in total)
- Application for admission
- Personal record of applicant
- Letter of guarantee of payment of expenses (Must be completed by financial sponsor)

Documents concerning applicant
- 8 photos (Size: 4cm x 3cm taken within 3 months)
- Family register and House registration
- Original and copy of graduation Certificate
- School marks (Grades)
- Documents that prove history of learning Japanese language

Documents concerning the financial sponsor
- Documents that prove the relation between applicant and financial sponsor
- Certificate of employment
- Certificate of income and tax payment
- Certificate of bank balance and Copy of Bankbook or statement of the account

★The above documents are the basic required. Necessary document may vary by country,
also by relation between applicant and sponsor, so be sure to consult with the school staff during the application.

★Additional materials
- Recruitment pdf : download
- Sample for application form pdf : download