Admission guide

There are four intakes, April, July, October, and January every year in our school with the same date of graduation in March. In case of January intake, if student fails to pass the exam of graduation he/she should extend until September.

Admission Course Period of Application
April April – March (2 Years) July – October (in the year before)
July July – March (1 Year and 9 months) December (in the year before) – March
October October – March (1 Year and 6 months) January – April
January January – March (1 Year and 3 months) May – August

Admission Guide

Application Requirements

1) 12 or over 12 year formal academic background, a good mark, a substantial economic background, and diligence are required.
2) The applicant must have graduated from one of the listed academic institute.
Ordinary senior-high schools
Junior college, university and 3 or 4-year technical college
3) The applicant should be within 5 years since graduation from educational institute last attended.
4) The applicant must have over 200 hours of experience in studying Japanese Language.