Student’s comment

Kyaw Kyaw Oo (Myanmar)
When I just came Japan it was very cold weather and i felt very cold .But the teacher of school welcomed me brightly and warmly so my heart and body feel very warm. I was also helped by the "Ikeda sensei" to find out the part time job.My class teacher kindly guide me for the higher education in Japan.In Japan we have to work very Hard because Japanese people is very hardworking.Now I think I made good decision to coming Japan and choosing TILS for my Japanese Language Study.

I am Sammer Pariyar.A running student of Tamagawa International Language School.Since I was very keen to do my further study in Japan. I was recommended Tamagawa International Language School by my teacher in Nepal.Now I am studying Japanese Language in a beautiful environment with support of kind teachers. They always put in their best effort in an attempt to teach and make sure to help students for study ahead and other ascepts too. I am totally fascinated by the education here and like to say Tamagawa International Language School is true choice.

Chang Kai Chun (Taiwan)
I studied Japanese Language and Japanese Culture very interestingly in Tamagawa International Language School. Teachers use to teach very kindly but they are very strict in attendance.Some teachers are very funny and use to teach students very strictly.Some of teachers can speak Chinese and English language very well.There are a lot of students from different countries and has a lot of chances to use Japanese language as well as class team work is very nice .

Student’s commentKIM YEO JIM (Korea)
I came to Japan in order to study about interpretation. In order to be an interpreter, I think it’s not only about vocabulary knowledge, but its about getting involved in Japanese daily life, and understanding the culture is indispensable. The various curriculum at TILS are very helpful. Living alone in a foreign country, away from my parents is not always easy, but being able to meet friends I wouldn't have if I was in Korea, and the cultural experiences I am gaining here, it is never lonely. And now, as I strive to reach my dreams, each step of the way I get consulting from my teachers and it has given me the desire to never stop being a student. I live as if there is no tomorrow. If I want to do something, I just aim towards it and continue to pursue it, and one day I believe that dream will come true. Everyone, it’s worth! Do your best!!

Student’s commentBROVKINA YULIA (Russia)
I entered 3 months course in TILS. The way of teaching is very efficient. The teachers are very supportive and always happy to help. Every teacher has own style, so it's never boring at the classes. Apart from studying, the school organizes cultural activities. Despite the fact that I only accomplished my first month, I already took a chance to participate in bus tour around Tokyo and listened to the presentation about Tokyo universities. For the long term students the school supports obtaining permission for the part-time job. In my opinion, TILS is very good choice, especially for the students who plan to continue their studies in Japanese universities in the future.

Student’s commentMORTELEC JONATHAN (France)
I studied Japanese for about three years by self-study. Now study at TILS, learning Japanese from someone for the first time. The teachers here teach deeply into the language. The teacher pays attention to all the students. They will always take the time to explain anything you don't understand, and give you extra help to ensure you succeed. Also, I meet lots nice Person, I made friends from various countries. Studied at TILS is not just learning Japanese taught me a different philosophy. I feel so glad to be one of the students at the TILS.

Student’s commentWAHYU GURUH WIDJAJA (Indonesia)
When I first arrived in Japan I was only able to have blank expression when listening to the natives. Fast forward 1.5 years, I am now able to converse smoothly with anyone. I can watch movies, read novels (still with help of a dictionary), anything you want to do. TILS are the place you want to be to learn Japanese. The school offers varied level and curriculum depending on what your purpose is. You don't speak a word of Japanese? No problem, there are classes specifically for beginners who don't even know the Japanese alphabets. You are aiming to go to University? The teachers will also help you with the entrance application and qualification exams (JLPT). The teachers are patient but strict in guiding the students to achieve their goals in Japan. Classes are dynamic and taught entirely in Japanese. With students mostly from China and South Korea, you will be forced to speak in nothing but Japanese here. Located near the heart of Tokyo at Asakusabashi, you have easy access everywhere and you get to experience life in Japan. If you really want to master a Language, the best is to be immersed in it everyday. Thank you TILS!

Student’s commentZHAO QIN HUA (China)
I currently study Chinese Linguistic Culture at Ochanomizu Girls University Graduate School. In China, I majored in ancient forms of Chinese. At this time, based on my feeling to study it from a different angel “the relationship of Chinese language to Japan”, I went on to Graduate School. From al the teachers, I received various helpful advice and counseling on which Graduate School to choose In particular, I received a lot of counseling and help when working on my study theme and research paper. The teachers at Tamagawa International Language School always were so kind and thoughtful to me through everything, and I express my heartfelt appreciation to them all.

Student’s commentSOPISARA SUEVERACHAI (Thailand)
Before I came here, I was very anxiety and worry about live in Japan, dormitory and international classmate. But, when I am here the teachers make me feel relax and comfortable. They always teach me politely and also calm down even if you will ask them to explain the part that you didn’t understand about it for several times. The classmates are so nice and make me enjoy the class. Teachers will not teach you only Japanese but they do teach you how to live here happily, guide you for a part time job and also teach you to learn the cultures here.
The teacher also helps me a lot about getting the higher education here in Japan. Then, I can enter to the technical college to realize my dream comes true. Also study here gives me the good experience and never regrets to choose this school.

Student’s commentYADAV SANDEEP (India)
I came to Japan for career up opportunities. I wanted to learn about Hospitality tourism, and so I decided to study in Japan, which has a long history in this field. I came to Japan for my studies in Japanese Language, and I really appreciate all the teachers here. They are very kind, and create a good atmosphere. Now in India, there are many Japanese businesses opening up, and opportunities are getting wider, so I intend to study Japanese in order to expand my horizons. I will strive to make the brightest future, and never give up my studies.