Preparatory course

Prep courseThis course is designed for those wishing to enter a Japanese university, graduate school or vocational colleges. The students in this course will develop their Japanese skills needed for academic study. There are many experienced teachers in our school, who can guide our students to prepare for their entrance examination. Foreign students who wish to enter a Japanese University will be required take many examinations. For example, the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU), Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), as well as tests administered by each university that they wish to enroll in. Our school has a special curriculum to deal with all the examinations. First, the teachers will explain what to do in order to enroll in their expected universities by the orientation for entrance examination in April. Second, in order to help all the students in our school to enroll in a university, we provide classes including basic study and practice examinations to help them adapt to the real examinations. And we also add classes during the summer vacation. Under the careful guidance of our experienced teachers, many students successfully pass the examinations and enter famous national universities, well-known private universities every year.

Course National University,
Graduate School
Non-government University,
Graduate School
Technical School

“Advanced level Japanese Language”,
questions and answers exercises
(Newspaper articles, editorials)
listening exercises, previous test questions, Study abroad exam trial exam, Comprehension, previous test questions.

“Intermediate level
Japanese Language”
current events, Newspaper general article comprehension,
public reading of individual essay


-previous questions on all subjects, science,
liberal arts course exercises
-English, Math, chemistry, physics, biology :
Once a week 90 minutes (Additional cost)

interview practice