Special course

Business ConversationBusiness Conversation
Based on a different theme each time, required honorific expressions and area specific vocabulary are studied by speech roll playing, and debating sessions. Through the business conversation course, vocabulary and communication ability are improved.

Target:Students who have completed ” Minna no Nihongo Ⅰ”. A simple level check is performed.
Study material:Japanese Language honorific expressions practice, Business conversation practice, Conversation with business manners
Remark: Implemented twice per week. In case participants are less than 5 members, it will be cancelled.

Learning by ComputerLearning by Computer
On the 8th floor computer room, by using the installed Kanji practice software, teach from the basics on typing Japanese to preparing and completing, make resume in Japanese.

Extra Class
- Free extra class during the summer vacation.
- Special Curriculum for Further study: Study Mathematic Ⅰ·Ⅱ, General, English, Japanese.