School Features

Extracurricular activities and School events Extracurricular activities and School events

Every year: outings to Disney Land and the Mount Fuji, volunteer activities, Cultural experiences to join the Torigoe Shrine’s festival, With class field trip go to Variety of Museum and social studies field trip, Barbeque party, Marine sports and many other events.

Scholarship Scholarship

Since 2002, Japanese Ministry of Education provides a scholarship to the students who have got upper grade in the exam (Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students, Japanese Language Proficiency Test) every year in June and November, in 2010, 27 students in our schools got the scholarship. The scholarship students are provided with 50,000JPY each month, total 600,000JPY for 1 year, after enroll in a university.

Computer room Computer room

8F, there are 21 computer work stations, projectors, audio and various other equipment.

Lounge & Study Hall Lounge & Study Hall

A multi-purpose room, for student use only, equipped with a TV, video, water purifier, microwave, hot pot, refrigerator, etc. In addition, higher education brochures and reference materials are available.

Internet Use Internet Use

At 1st floor, a computer work station is available for students use only, so they can connect to the internet any time.

Part-time Work Information Part-time Work Information

Various types of part time work are always abundantly on display at the Bulletin board.

Free Rental bicycle Free Rental bicycle

Students are allowed to rent bicycles freely without charge.