Teachers and staffs


teacher 我妻和子
The Cultural Department of Tamagawa International Language School

Door of life will be opened by striving towards higher goals. Let's leap into the world more and more with students coming from all over the world and Asia. We Tamagawa International Language School staff will support you all sincerely.

teacher 中野敦子
Academic Affairs head of Tamagawa International Language School

Students of various nationalities more than 10 countries are studying the Japanese Language in our School. We have been focusing to make easy to learn Japanese language and Khanji letters for students who are coming from those countries where “Khanji Letters” are not in use. For the achievement of the dreams and goals of everyone, we are teaching Japanese Language and also supporting your living in Japan. Let’s study together!

teacher 肥塚佐和子
Academic Affairs head of the cultural department of Tamagawa International Language School

To Studying in Japan is a big chance to growth your life and leap to the world. In our school students from various countries are studying so from here study Japanese language and extra-curricular study and make your mind open and expand your field of view. I am looking forward and excited to learn with you.

teacher 穂積ひとみ
The globalization of the economy, Japan has expanding the economic, cultural and human exchanges in China, Korea, and South-East Asian countries currently. In this situation I hope you all have higher goal and do your best to achieve it learning with Japanese culture. Our Teacher unit try our best to support your living and best success in Japan.

teacher 真岩広幸
However spend present life enjoy fully is important but by struggling this time will make your future enjoy full. Do not forget you purpose to come japan and study hard. I will support to make your abroad student life good.

teacher 木村理恵
I will do my best to support your life in Japan. Let’s study together sharing the fun and hardness of Japanese Language study.

teacher 蛭田育子
I think studying abroad is mixing of great hope and anxiety. We will guide attentively and support you for study and other aspects. Let’s fun the school life here and study hard.

teacher 銘苅純一
Here in Tamagawa International Language School young students from different countries is studying. By using the common language of all Japanese make the global friend expand your opinion. We teachers support you to learn Japanese Language.

teacher 中島周平
For all students spending life in Japan and struggling towards to achieve the destination is must important. When you look back happy things and sad things you experienced in future it will be plus point for you. We will support best you all struggling students.

teacher 稲葉宏明
I think everybody come here bringing their own goal and motto. Time do not wait us. Time has pass very fatly. Use your every day in japan importantly .We fully support you for your success.

teacher 沖山勝彦
Learning language of other country means that also learn of culture and society of that country. By learning Japanese achieve the knowledge about the Japanese culture and society. We will support you all to be success for contribution of japan and whole world.

teacher 前野文康
I think you planning to come to Japan is having dream for further study and finding employment in Japan. Study of Japanese Language is required for the realization of that dream. I is not easy to live abroad. We will support you in your study and living in Japan.

teacher 清水郷美
Let’s make the place to study together overcoming the wall of different culture and language. Big Welcoming and waiting for those students who want to challenge in new place.